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Positive Behaviour for Learning

What is PBL?

PBL is a consistent, school-wide system of support that helps define, teach and support appropriate student behaviours, creating a positive school environment.

  • PBL is designed to be responsive to individual school's current social and educational challenges and encourages schools to reflect on their systems and practices to determine if they are having a positive impact on student learning
  • PBL creates effective teaching/learning environments where students make the positive behaviour choices that support academic success
  • PBL focuses on prevention of problem behaviours and instruction in appropriate behaviours.

Who is PBL for?

PBL is for all schools. PBL helps to make schools better places to live, work and learn. It does so by giving schools the tools to build comprehensive, school-wide systems that support academic and behavioural learning for all students.

How will PBL help my child and their school?

  • PBL promotes positive student behaviour by building the school's leadership capacity and teachers' knowledge, understanding and skills in applying effective school-wide behaviour systems
  • PBL boosts student engagement in learning by increasing attendance and retention, and improving student behaviour
  • PBL helps schools deliver highest quality learning programs to improve student academic and behavioural learning.